The most popular, this is the one-day or half-day introduction to falconry. They are very informal, and designed to give a fun day for those who just want that, while still being educational.

Groups are usually small, often 4-5 participants, with a few spectators. Spectators are welcome – you will need someone to take photos!

Drinks (tea, coffee, juice, water) are freely available throughout the day, and those taking part get an information pack and a certificate to take home as a memento of the day.

Whole Day Experience

For those who want to participate in the full day, we start at 10am, with refreshments, Followed by brief background information, including some of the 4000-year history of the sport. Moving on to basic feeding, training and management information, and then the participants get to carry falcons for the first time and learn how to settle them on the glove, followed by how to handle them in a safe and gentle way.

Half Day Experience

The afternoon session (1.30 until approximately 4.30) takes our participants and spectators into the field, where they can experience the thrill of their first hawk (and usually owl as well) flying to them and landing gently on their outstretched glove. Then they will take part in flying some falcons, traditionally the falcon of kings and nobility, and the fastest creature that has ever lived on this planet. The falcons will be flown to swung lures, mimicking the flight of their natural prey. The experience is unforgettable.....

Please note: Not too much walking is involved, so Experiences are still suitable for children and the less the less mobile.

Children (the controllable ones, anyway!) are welcome as participants or spectators. Under 16s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

You can book now, on line or by telephone, and the date of the Experience Day is entirely flexible! 

We will send a voucher made out to the recipient, who can then call us to arrange the date!

* Whole Day Experience £125 (spectators £15)
* Half Day Experience £75 (spectators £5)